Analog to digital converter circuit multisim

An ADC inputs an analog electrical signal such as voltage or current and outputs a binary number. [1] In block diagram form, it can be represented as such. Since your ADC is only 8 bits, and the DACs you show are 16 bits, I'd say neither - look for an 8 bit DAC (although you could use the 16 bit parts. This circuit uses a resistor ladder to show the basic construct of a digital to analog converter. Arbitrary Voltage Sources are used to simulate a count. Let us now implement an analog to digital conversion circuit and observe our findings STEP 1: Using NI Multisim, open circuit file “pethydro.org12”. Here is schematic for Analog to Digital conversion: [IMG] Here are two Digital to Analog converters in Multisim: [IMG] Which one should I use? I. This is the analog front end for a 3-bit flash ADC, perhaps the simplest implementation of an analog to digital converter. Following this analog circuit would be a. A bit R-2R ladder digital-to-analog converter (DAC) circuit is used as A Multisim simulation of the R-2R ladder circuit where switches are. shows the Multisim simulation Analog input (VDC) and Digital output ( LED ) III b. Result TABLE 1 Bit Flash ADC circuit Experimental readings.

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