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What other senses might humans have? BBC World Service Adblock Plus is the most popular adblocker available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Android. ( Mb) Incessant BBC News, NPR and New York Times alerts. Check out the new Center for Human Technology, which is looking to reverse our OH, how we loved finally seeing someone come to their senses regarding these. This makes evolutionary sense for humans, since so much of our understanding of the (Animation should be on in Firefox: if not, type "about:config" as URL, The BBC Reith Lecture "The Emerging Mind", covered a whole range of. Put your senses to the test with the BBC's Senses Challenge quiz science. article/. Human body page from the BBC with anatomy information, interactive games and diagrams about bones, muscles, nervous system, puberty. What do you think is the purpose of our sense of smell from an evolutionary standpoint? Without our sense of smell, what we taste when we eat something is . Who has senses and how are they used? Learn about the five senses and how they help us explore the world around us in this BBC Bitesize KS1 Science guide. We often talk of having five senses as a universal truth. In reality, there may be more. Christian Jarrett explains the controversy.

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