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PES Database Editor version [PES ] by SMcCutcheon. Features: Edit Player Stats Convert Players from FIFA 14/FM14 Global Stats. Arquivo xml,do dkz studio e do data base editor com o executavel do pes6 Pessoal,por um milagre eu consegui encontrar esse arquivo para. Winning Eleven 8 Data Base Editor ### Editing and Option Files. The PES6 real club team names list is. To view links or images in. PES Database Editor Edit Player Stats Convert Players from FIFA 14/FM14 Global Stats Adjustment Rename Fake Names Highlight and. PES Master - Pro Evolution Soccer database + data from classics such as PES , PES and PES 5. Includes all teams and players from PES I'm pretty sure Majin did one, I guess it's called Majin PES editor or something like that Here's the PES Editor (PESFan Editor) for the PES6. [Editor] 1. Editing Players Names: Name / Callname / Shirt / Letter Spacing 2. 6 . Editing Players Faces: Faces relink / Skin Color / Skin Type / Eyes Color 7. Locked Players function: Unlock players from database

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