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See also J, L. Ackrill, Aristotle's Categories and De Interpretatione (Oxford, in Aristoteles de Interpretatione i6bi$-2$*, Archiv fur Geschkhte der Philosophie. Such expressions as 'is not-healthy', 'is not, ill', I do not de- scribe as verbs; for though they carry the additional note of time, and always form a predicate, there is. On Interpretation (Organon II - De Interpretatione). English. In categories: Aristotle / Aristote / Aristoteles / Aristóteles (50 books). Wikipedia: See this author on. PDF (MB) Orality and Literacy in the De interpretatione Tradition, p. Der Kommentar des Peter Wysz von Polen zu De interpretatione des Aristoteles, p. Aristoteles. De interpretatione. (Peri hermeneias). [Aristotle's "Peri hermeneias"]. Ed. by Weidemann, Hermann. Series:Bibliotheca scriptorum Graecorum et. The seminar is a parallel close reading of the Greek and Arabic texts of the De Interpretatione (Greek: Peri Hermeneias), the second text in the traditional. Aristotle s De interpretatione On Interpretation] has been newly edited in this et Romanorum Teubneriana: De Interpretatione by Aristoteles in MOBI, PDF. Aristoteles, De interpretatione (ΠΕΡΙ ΕΡΜΗΝΕΙΑΣ), recognovit Hermann Weidemann, Bibliotheca Teubneriana, De Gruyter, Berlin/Boston LVIII + 48 pp. De Interpretatione or On Interpretation is the second text from Aristotle's Organon and is among "Aristoteles" () by Francesco Hayez (–). Part of a series on the. Corpus Aristotelicum. Logic (Organon). Categories; On Interpretation. Find the text:; Find the full URN: urn:cts:greekLit:tlgtlgopp-grc2; Work: De interpretatione.

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