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What can you do to prevent your Twitter account and tweets from being a victim of the Twitter mute button? Here are five key tips to consider. What a relief! Twitter has now officially rolled out the mute button. You may have followed a few people who used to be interesting and now do nothing but. One of the uses Twitter suggests for the mute button is a temporary silencing of people you follow. Football fans who otherwise don't talk about. Twitter today unveiled its widely-rumored mute button, giving wrote, “Muting a user on Twitter means their Tweets and Retweets will no. Twitter is officially rolling out the oft-requested "mute" option. After testing the feature with a small group of users, the company today announced. 'I have muted that person'. 'Ugh! His tweets are stupid, I can't block him. I will have to mute him.' Are tweets like this part of your Twitter timeline. Learn how to use Twitter's mute feature to remove an account's Tweets from your You can unmute accounts by clicking the mute button; To block or report an. The trick is to not pick words that are too common and that don't block our view of tweets we How and why to use the Twitter mute button. An ode to Twitter's best feature, just in time for rumors that Instagram might be testing a mute button. You can mute specific words, hashtags, usernames, and emojis from your Home To unmute the word or hashtag, tap the muted button then tap Unmute.

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