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Mar 8, I'm using HandBrake to convert some of my DVD movies to import into iTunes I can select the track, and mix it down to Dolby ProLogic II. Jul 24, Dolby Pro Logic II transforms movie soundtracks and stereo music into .. Handbrake also lets you choose dolby pro II for audio encoding. Feb 1, a DTS channel source into either "Dolby Pro Logic II" or "Dolby Surround", the Load this sample I prepared into HandBrake (audio was. Jan 10, i am trying to encode a video file that has audio For my Apple TV first generation and i have the audio set to dolby pro logic ii from an apply. Jun 25, I tried several Handbrake Audio Codec settings during encode, and listened to The second one I transcode and mix down to AAC Stereo Dolby Pro-Logic II. Dolby Pro Logic; Dolby Digital Surround; Digital Theater System (DTS); Digital By default HandBrake will downmix your audio to Dolby ProLogic II which. Aug 18, But suppose you want to go beyond the defaults--tweak HandBrake to . Choose Dolby Pro Logic II and the audio will play on both stereo and. I don't have a surround-sound system. I play video on my Desktop ( speakers), laptop, phone/tablet and my TV, which only has a soundbar. Once you know the channel mapping, you can just use the channelmap filter, skipping the intermediate files. ffmpeg -i -c:v copy. Apr 30, Because the information encoded is just a stereo analog pair, there is no guaranteed way of detecting a Dolby Pro Logic II (DPL2) signal.

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