Erb rasputin vs stalin

Directed by Dave McCary. With Felix Kjellberg, Epic Lloyd, Nice Peter. Rasputin and Stalin battle, in the season 2 finale. This is the final battle of Season 2 of ERB. The battle plays out between five famous public read moreĀ». K. 1. Grigori Rasputin vs Joseph Stalin Lyrics. (Rasputin compares Stalin to Wario, an anti-hero and Mario's polar opposite/rival He is often compared to Adolf Hitler, another great mass-murderer of his era. Epic rap battles of history. Rasputin vs. Stalin begin. Cool mustache, Wario Try messing with the Mad Monk you'll be sorry, yo. How many dictators does it take. Stream Rasputin Vs Stalin. Epic Rap Battles Of History a SoundCloud account. Sign in. This song has created by the founders of the YouTube channel ERB. Rasputin vs Stalin is the thirty-third installment of Epic Rap Battles of History and the . This has the third longest run time of any other ERB.