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I have tried using Evernote for diary keeping, but it just doesn't work for me. . if they ever release PK encryption (supposedly still in the works). If your whole life is in Evernote, and you also keep a journal, then you may want to check out Ever Journal Free For Evernote. The app lets you. One of the best things you can do to clear your head and to improve your level of self-awareness is to journal. There is nothing quite like being able to empty out. Evernote Journal is a new, free, Universal app with one simple task: to get your daily journal entries into Evernote. There are already some. A bullet journal is an analog system for the digital age. Then, I began depending heavily on Evernote and stopped writing things down and . the idea that I wanted to add long before I ever had the chance to write it down. Here's my daily journal template pethydro.org The journal note is generated each morning via a script @Wayne Hazle We just recently released 'Templates' for Evernote, and we have a journal template that may be @DTLow I am impressed with your daily journaling system. On blogging, journaling, Evernote, todos and thinking in weeks Plus it's available for every platform ever. (I still carry a paper notebook with me everywhere, an A5 dotted Leuchtturm Bullet Journal that I use for regular notebook. Take Evernote, a journaling system called the Bullet Journal, and no coding More likely than not, no one app or service is ever going to be perfect for you. Keeping a journal has never been easier since we started carrying computers with Services like Evernote and Dropbox have made it a lot easier. You'll never have to rename or reorganize your daily thoughts ever again.

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