Filter options greyed out photoshop

You may have noticed that the Filter Gallery in the Filter Menu is grayed out in Photoshop CS6. The Photoshop Filter Gallery provides access to. Why are so many choices grayed out in my cc Photoshop? How do I paste text from another program? worked fine a few weeks ago. Opening it back up while holding Command, Option, and Shift at the same time and holding them until Photoshop brings up the following. Photoshop: Filters disabled, grayed out, not working you go to the filters drop down menu there are more expandable options like artistic blur. Announced on October 18 during Adobe Max, Photoshop includes Here are some things to try if you have greyed out 3D menu items. 1. Oil Paint Filter and in the future further native OS api for graphics acceleration. If only part of the filter gallery is grayed out, it may be that you are working in bit color, and I think (think!) some filters will not work unless you convert to 8-bit. I've got a question about the available filters in Photoshop CS5 & 6. Why are at Everything under Artistic or Brush Strokes, or Sketch, Texture, Distort are greyed out. . Being in CMYK will 'grey out' many of the menu choices. My Filter Gallery is grayed out and therefore, I cannot use it. How do I get it Under the filter gallery, there was a paint option but now it is gone. I cannot figure . Problem: “I want to use the Photoshop Filter XXXXX, but it's greyed out! Is there something wrong? Do I need to reinstall Photoshop?”.