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By default, a route traverses stops in the order you define. However, you can possibly shorten the route further by letting Network Analyst find. Hi, I have several home and school locations as a shapefile and want to find shortest routes between them. I tried to use Network Analyst. Click the tool palette drop-down arrow on the Utility Network Analyst toolbar and click a flag tool button (or). The shortest path based on the weights you chose is displayed, and the total cost of this path is reported in the status bar. If you do not use weights, the path found. In this exercise, you will find the quickest route to visit a set of stops in a predetermined order. Use ArcGIS (or any decent mapping software) to generate a map using a For answer for shortest route finding it is faction of Network Analysis if you want to. shortest path algorithm in ArcGIS Network Analyst were utilized to identify the problem and finding the best route for vehicle routing in static road networks. Creating a route can mean finding the quickest, shortest, or most scenic route, depending on the impedance chosen. If the impedance is time. Shows the quickest route for a given time of day between points on a street network is stored in the SanFrancisco geodatabase found in C:\arcgis\ArcTutor\ GP.

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