Futaba vs spektrum dx8 s

I know asking Futaba vs. Spectrum is a lot like Nikon vs. I like the Spektrum for all the bind and fly stuff and would get a DX8 or 9 If you don't want to spend that kind of money then the Spektrum is the way to go for sure. The first radio we wanted to look at is the Spektrum DX4e. Offering a wide range of air and surface transmitters, Futaba are certain to have something for everyone. Spektrum DX8 If you are moving up towards more. Futaba's FASST is definitely better than Spektrum's DSM2. . Another thing, if we are talking Futaba Vs. Spektrum rather than S-FHSS/FASST vs. . Though I would never use my DX8 again in an aircraft, I still hold on to it for. Again, this is where Spektrum has listened to what its customers wanted taking cues from Futaba. The Spektrum DX8 has a 30 model memory which is certainly . If I was buying a lower end radio, I would go with spektrum. .. The DX8 price wise is on par with the Futaba 8FGS, and the Futaba just looks. I have a Futaba J8 and really like it and I have a Spektrum DX8 Binding the receiver is as simple as it gets and receivers are about $ Futaba vs Spektrum. short recovery time associate with DX8/DX9. if a DSM2 Rx is used with DX8/DX9 it will only fall back to DSM2 mode. Discussion Futaba vs Spektrum Radios. It is easier if you have a radio they are familiar with. Hold both radios first. If you can, fly with both first.