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High power consumption. Low range of frequency operation. Give invention to this new technology. Currently using technologies: Bluetooth. Wi-Fi. What is GI-FI . The core components of a GI-FI system is the subscriber station which available to several access points. It supports standard of IEEE. As there is no recent developments which transfer data at faster rate, as Video information transfer taking lot of time. This leads to introduction of Gi-Fi technology. GI-FI TECHNOLOGY PRESENTED BY, Teena Mariam Mathew Rollno: 42 C6 Why GI-FI The disadvantages of – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation. Gi-Fi Presentation Transcript: 1. Gi-Fi NEXT GENERATION WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY 2. INTRODUCTION Insight the world of wireless techno. Presentation on Gi-Fi. 1. Department of Information Science & Engineering Seminar On “Gi-Fi Technology" Submitted by: Guided by: Nitesh. The reason for pushing into Gi-Fi technology is because of slow rate, high power consumption, low range of frequency operations of. 4 Introduction to Gi-Fi: Gi-Fi or Gigabit Wireless is the world's first transceiver integrated on a single chip that operates at 60GHz on the CMOS process. Gi-Fi.

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