God of war 2 pcsx2 for windows

Unfortunately this is not the case of both gow and gow2, you all know, the green screen, so it must be run in software mode, so no better. Hi guys, I'm trying to play God of War 2 (PAL) on PCSX2, but the game simply Any kind of error in the log window when you get the problem?. I don't know why the background overlays the field in god of war 2, i Operating System = Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (build ), bit. Just a quick post on the config I'm using for God of War 2. and high end rigs can play around with this, I don't have a hectic pc, but this config. and ROM (ISO) download page for God of War II (Sony Playstation 2). PS2 emulator: PCSX2 (Windows) | PCSX2 (Mac) and download: PS2 BIOS. SCUS (Demo, God of War II: The Colossus Battle) Windows Status: Playable In God of War II, players retake the role of Kratos.