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Hoplites formed the core of the Greek armies for centuries, with their long spears that stretched out more than a dozen feet in front of them. They almost always. Units in Medieval II: Total War. Page · Discussion Byz byzantine · Byzantine Infantry Byz greek militia Byz greek some factions use light,medium or heavy-create_unit Sparta "greek heavy Is there a list somewhere that lets me see the "code" for every unit?. This guide provides all working cheat codes for Rome: Total War, and shows you how to open the Greek: The Greek Cities a) a lot of Spain and Numidia's units are Carthage units, and only appear in the Carthage list. Romans: roman peasant roman archer roman archer auxillia roman velite roman light infantry auxillia roman city militia roman princeps roman triarii. The Greek Cities are a civilised nation in Rome: Total War. The Greek armies are based off the powerful phalanx formations known as hoplites and the fast. Powerful charge. Very good stamina. Can sap, Elite phalanx, one of the best infantry units in Rome: Total War. But, yeah, the cost is quite "elite", too. Screenshot.

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