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For example, if you have written a function which sometimes plots a line plot MATLAB's built in functions, like fminsearch handle multiple input arguments in hence the check of '~isempty(varargin)' (is the varargin cell array not empty?) at. Hello, I'm quite new to MATLAB and wondered; if in a script I ask a user to enter a number as an input, how can I enter a default paramater if the user chooses. sadly this still isnt working how i hoped it would when typing in the command window the function name and a blank matlab still produces an error;. Save the file in a location accessible to matlab usually the matlab work directory or current working directory in the matlab command window, type in the name of . if the user calls it like foo(5) in the command window, it's ok. But I want the function also run when the user just calls it like foo, without the input n. I handle this in. isempty. Test if array is empty. Syntax. tf = isempty(A). Description. tf = isempty(A) returns logical true (1) if A is an empty array and logical false (0) otherwise. Determine if input is empty array. isequal, Determine if arrays are numerically equal. isequalwithequalnans, Determine if arrays are numerically equal, treating . If msg is an empty string no action is taken. warning(msg) When Matlab performs relational checks on arrays, Check for legal number of input arguments. 1) In Matlab, if you use varargin, then you must provide all preceding optional Input parameter handling in Matlab is just really annoying. A — Input array scalar | vector | matrix | multidimensional array | table | timetable. Input array or table, specified as a scalar.

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