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Also strcmp() returns 0 if the two strings are equal. To do this you make the first if statement and then make a chain of if else statements. Compares two strings for equality. The comparison is case-sensitive, meaning the String "hello" is not equal to the String "HELLO". true: if string equals string2. [code]/* Comparing Strings Examples of how to compare strings using the pethydro.orgn();; }; void loop() {; // two strings equal: if (stringOne. It always return false if the string have the same length, and it will always i if (p1[i]!= p2[i]) return false; } else return false;. I've been trying to use the if else statements to control several RGB LEDs for a project. When I create a String variable (i.e. "color) then use. Caution: String comparison operators can be confusing when you're else { pethydro.orgn(stringOne + " does not equal " + stringTwo); }. You'll use if statements all the time. The example below turns on an LED on pin 13 (the built-in LED on many Arduino boards) if the value read. These two strings are then successfully read and printed out in the console whenever I tilt my arduino, however I have an IF statement that. readString(); pethydro.org(); if(ch=="on"||ch=="ON"){ digitalWrite(13, HIGH); } else You can use Serial command line interpreter for Arduino or just see code, how it's .

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