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Just open synaptic manager, install/reinstall ubuntu-extras-keyring and then (in terminal) type sudo apt-get update. cheers u'd get out from this. Hello there, When I log in to my droplet and execute the following command: apt- get update I get the following: ``` Err I have tried reinstall the app then I'd tried install different distribution (Debian, Ubuntu) but every single time it's the same error I have tried it on a. It is easy to check (going to with your browser) that xenial is not in there (I believe these. When I update in terminal it gives me this: [email protected]:~$ sudo apt- get update Hit maverick The error is obvious you can't connect to URL so go to / etc/apt/ and search for and disable it by. Unable to access option "Updates and Upgrades" with error "Unable to connect": Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored. echo linux-image-amd64 hold | dpkg --set-selections.