Into the depths vanilla wow

[51] Into the Depths (Dungeon), given by Marvon Rivetseeker in Tanaris. You can find him in the middle of the desert, South of Gadgetzan. I tried to do the Into the Depths quest four or five times last night (1 April ) and each time Leyara died but I was not given credit and my. Description. Inside the temple, I found a circular room with six balconies, each one with a serpent statue on the edge. Curious, I pushed one of them to see what . This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed. Find the Altar of Hakkar in the Sunken Temple in Swamp of Sorrows. I think that this altar is the secret -- you must bring this token to the altar in the Sunken Temple. Were you looking for the new Molten Front quest, 85Into the Depths? The subject of this article was either removed from World of Warcraft or is no longer.

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