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The spawns are taken from pacd repack, so the new ones are missing. all int maps; all minimaps added; mob motions fixed; mob skill motions added; tower of . KalOnline Moderator Post Subject: How to create your own mobs + spawns Thu May 29, pm map: the map where it will spawn (0 is outside). Horn of spirit added to kalcash shop. - Forgotten Temple NEW MAPS ADDED ( Lost Ships, Resting Place Of Dead Person). Fixed E-mok boss spawn map. Some explanations: KCM: Kal client map (to store your painted hills, rivers and map textures) OPL: Object positioning list (to store your objects. Support page for game KAL Online. Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle. City of Priest. Cheonji-Yun. Valley of Devah. Out of town. Whole KalOnline world. Player can report a bug or problem direct to C/S Center using chat command / report playermessage - Anti Kill Steal [Anti-Ks System] - Int. Server Maps & Spawns. The definite live map extension for any Rust server, powered by the map generator everyone loves. Generate any map or Rusty Tools x Minicopter spawn|wipe / (+) NET|AU|4x|S/D/T|MODDED|MONTHLY| WIPED: 14/2|0 / (+5) Sexy Rust [No BPs Wipes] [Monthly Map Wipe] Online 24/73 / Anarchy is a quality kalonline server utilizing talented developers and Int Maps / Int Spawns / Real Time Schedule in-game / Tip System / Balanced PvP. Here you will find custom map files for your kalonline server.

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