Katawa shoujo android pastebin

I was trying to download the android port of KS for my phone and link provided in the ports pastebin's page doesn't work for me. It uses. Jan 04, · Edit2: For any amigo pas interested in this (as this seems to be on top of google mi for "katawa shoujo android arrondissement"), check the Pastebin of. What steps will reproduce the problem? 1. Open Katawa Shoujo v5 for Android ( pethydro.org) 2. Wait 3. What is the expected output? What do . Copy the obb file to /Android/obb/pethydro.orgshoujo/ on your external downloads belong to M2e of pastebin, who put the game on android. pethydro.org so Katawa Shoujo for android anyone?. Katawa Shoujo Android port. I didn't have time to work on this at all since I've released v7. Sincere apologies to anyone who sent an email and. So i was trying to play KS on my phone, but it simply didn't work, most likely becouse the port was made a long time ago and it probably was. Somebody apparently managed to port Katawa Shoujo to Android devices, which is a feat, Get it here: pethydro.org