Kha zix voice audio

Kha'Zix / Singed (voice) Vladimir (voice). Cia Court Vi the Piltover Enforcer ( voice) . Richard Dekkard audio director / supervising sound editor. Daniel P. This category contains all voice-overs related to KhaZix, the Voidreaver. The League FSB (FMod Sound Bank) files are not an open format, nor has All champion sound effects (weapon clangs, walking, recall sounds, etc): Annie - Panda Annie · Kha'Zix - Mecha Kha'Zix · Sona - Arcade Sona. Kha'Zix. 16K likes. Isolate and devour. BRUH (ignore the sound at the beginning it was someone on teamspeak being gay 8D). 1 · See All. Posts. Play all League of Legends champions sound directly from the website. Sounds Kha'Zix · border · Mecha Kha'Zix · border · Kindred · border · Kled · border. Like when Kha'zix Q's someone. Do you hear a teemo in the it's been like that from the start. They used some Teemo sound effect for Kha'Zix. Stream Kha'Zix, the Voidreaver by LeagueofLegends from desktop or your mobile device. years ago (1 child). The sound of silence works for me. You can't be a Kha' zix main without this gem in your playlist! Edit: My actual playlist.