Kinect hack for windows 7

A running list of every Kinect hack we've covered in PCWorld's From being hacked to work with Windows 7 all the way to the recent Evil. With over 1 Million Kinect devices sold in under 10 days, its evident that Kinect is the Kinect hacked Windows Drivers, works with Windows 7. Yes, you read the headline right. The Microsoft Kinect sensor for XBox is being hacked left and right by engineers all across the map and now. Hacking the Xbox Kinect is all about baby steps on the way to what could ultimately amount to some pretty useful homebrew. Here's a good. All the evidence depicted in the video shows Kinect getting hacked to work on Microsoft Windows 7 OS. Although this is a wonderful. A new Kinect hack by a group of students at MIT Media Lab allows you to control Windows 7 and even browsers using only your hands. Challenge complete! One hacker got Microsoft's Kinect working with Windows 7 thanks to an open-source driver. Yet I bet many of you do kinect with Xbox and related software/hardware. That's where the hacking is happening and it has some people.