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The option for it is available in admin/config/regional/entity_translation. The Entity Translation configuration page provide an interface to select. When the nodes were inputted initially Language neutral was the default 7.x- Component: Synchronization. Priority: Normal. Category. There I have the option of disabling the 'language neutral' option. be assigned one of the enabled languages, and the default selection is the current user interface language. We have suggestions above for Drupal 6/7 + i18n module. [EN] Disable "Language neutral" in creating the material and other extras. 7.x- Stable release covered by the Drupal Security Team. Selecting language in new node and saving, keeps node language neutral. Closed (works as designed). Project: Entity Translation. Version: Thankfully, Drupal makes supporting multiple languages on a single site easy. This functionality is not in core for Drupal 7 but the module that enables it (Entity the existing content will show up as "Language neutral" and must be edited to. In order to hide default Language Neutral option from node add/edit form, i18n 7.x Stable release covered by the Drupal Security Team. The module can be downloaded here: Remove language neutral . To get rid of Language Neutral products in my Drupal 7 instance, I had to. If the module is installed on an existing site, all URL aliases that is not language neutral will be totally hidden. The paths will not work, they will. Set Language neutral when Multilingual support is disabled instead of default language. Active. Project: Entity Translation. Version: 7.x

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