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Say what,this tremendous banger wont be on the Album,it cant pethydro.org and my African Boss are on some other shit and Banks dont be. Celebrity (Remix) Lyrics: I just touched down - Ferrari-to-concrete / I ain't even home when This song is in Lloyd Banks album called “H.M.F 2,” (Hungry For More 2) and just featured Akon. read more» [verse 3: Eminem]. A source of promotional HIP-HOP, RAP & other music genres, updated daily on pethydro.org Videoklip a text písně Celebrity (Feat. Lloyd Banks, Akon) (Bonus Track) od Eminem. [Akon - Chorus] We on the grind (hey) all the time (hey) ain't bout to l. Lyrics for Celebrity (original version) by Lloyd Banks feat. Akon & Eminem. I just touched down Ferrari to concrete I ain't even home and they're.

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