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In this paper we formulate the static load balancing problem in single class job distributed systems as a coop- erative game among computers. It is shown that. LOAD BALANCING TECHNIQUES. Two imporatnt characteristics of distributed systems are resource multiplicity and system transparency. In a distributed. PDF | In distributed systems or clustered systems load imbalance is a major problem to improve system performance. Load balancing is process through which. Various Schemes of Load Balancing in Distributed Systems- A Review. Monika Kushwaha. Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology. Kanpur, U.P. (). Summary. Load balancing is the process of redistributing the work load among nodes of the distributed system to improve both resource utilization and job. PDF | Load balancing in distributed computer systems is the process of redistributing the work load among processors in the system to improve. designing new algorithm in future by studying existing mechanisms for load balancing. Keywords. Distributed System, Load balancing, Processor thrashing. 1. Load Balancing in Distributed Systems. TIMOTHY C. K. CHOU AND JACOB A. ABRAHAM, MEMBER, IEEE. Abstract-In a distributed computingsystem made up . 1 ABSTRACT A number of load balancing algorithms were developed in order to improve the execution 2 INTRODUCTION Distributed systems. 𝗣𝗗𝗙 | In this paper, the problem of distributing load of a particular node over m identical nodes of a distributed computing system for minimizing turnaround time .

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