Merge two accounts origin

Merge Origin Accounts. If you are looking to merge two Origin accounts together, you will need to contact an EA Game Advisor for assistance, however please. e.g. Column A Column B Primary Duplicate account 1 account 2 account 3 account 4 Now we need to merge accounts to: keep account 1 name from account where Origin__c = 'Lead' group by name having count(id) >1. We will call this Account B. I want to merge these two accounts. B and then merge it with Account A, placing my Origin account, my PSN ID. Follow this easy procedure Merging is possible but you will need to verify that you are the true owner of both accounts which means you may need Account. Merging 2 accounts is not possible at github, you can transfer ownership to your origin URL once the transfer is complete: git remote set-url origin new_url. I currently have 2 origin accounts with different games. For bf4 and bf3, I use one, and deadspace, mirrors edge, etc on the other. I asked origin. Please follow the steps in this post to contact an Advisor. View in thread. I would like to be able to be logged into multiple Discord accounts at the I don't necessarily want the people in origin to know my steam ID . To prevent abuse, you cannot join a server multiple times with different personas. You will need to contact an Advisor directly. Go HERE Select your country using the flag at the top, then choose Origin as the game you need help with. Provide. Solved: Is there any way to merge two Origin accounts? So that the prime one you choose will contain all the personas, all the games, all the saves.