Mine and sheele vs seryu death

Mine and Sheele vs Ultear and Meredy is a What-if Death Battle Boomstick: she was attacked by Seryu, and killed while saving Mine from. As a result, both Mine and Tatsumi had an intense desire to kill Seryu. Tatsumi felt intense rage toward Seryu for the death of Sheele, and did not want to be. Episode 6 - Akame Ga Kill Sheele's Death Sheele and Mine vs Seryu and her Teigu(Imperial Arms) HD Akame Ga Kill - Ep 6 Kill the Absolute Justice. Her end gave Mine another reason to hate Seryu, given that Chelsea and Sheele were both consumed by Seryu's Teigu. Following her death, Mine can. What if Seryu shot Mine instead, and Mine was the one who was this affect the Akame ga Kill universe with Mine's death in place of Sheele's?. Clinging onto life, Sheele orders Mine to escape before Seryu's back up arrives and activates Kaku attempts to attack Mine only to be instantly killed instead.

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