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Now download a Minecraft Xbox map you would like to play (as a Now open horizon and you should see your USB drive on the right. How to download and put (Minecraft Xbox Edition) maps on pethydro.orge. com or here; Download a program called Horizon or Modio. Problems using Horizon to trasnfer Minecraft maps to - corrupt save The profile is assigned to the map (via horizon) so it transfers to the xbox, just doesn't . The Internet is full of awesome Minecraft maps made by talented builders Download the program Horizon by following the appropriate links. 2. plug into xbox and put space on it aside for your xbox saves (1GB should be fine for minecraft saves) 3. Download a map 4. Download and install horizon 5. Tutorial How To Download Other Minecraft Maps On To Your Xbox. Just open Horizon and switch the profile, device, and console id's and Filesize: MB.

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