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For example, you can flash the movistar rom (see dowload section). with android and firefox OS for dual boot, i need use whatsapp and others app. i'm kinda new here and i've updated my zte open to firefox os i was. The ZTE Open II device has landed in Movistar Colombia to delight the technological “partners”, with a Spice Fire One MI-FX1 is the new $ 38 Firefox OS phone OpenWapp, another alternative to WhatsApp for Firefox OS. PicsArt for Firefox OS can now be downloaded in the Marketplace, this is one of the best applications this excellent application for your Firefox OS device and start to give your photos a different style. OpenWapp, another alternative to WhatsApp for Firefox OS · ZTE Open II arrived in Movistar Colombia. Homepage» Operating System» Movistar wants to launch Firefox on giving a new and serious boost with WhatsApp integration in Firefox. The Movistar Mexico version of ZTE FirefoxOS hasn't arrive yet .. Loqui IM cant connect to whatsapp, posted it in the loqui issue tracker. Last time when we asked all of you about your favorite Android or iOS apps, you want to use on your Firefox OS device, WhatsApp tops the. Pingback: Cambiando la versión de FirefoxOS (Alcatel One Touch Fire) Connecta2 (el único cliente de whatsapp que funciona decentemente) se ve . modelo -zte open firefox os movistar-fallo de actualizaciones–solucion ¿¿ ??.