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MSN Messenger is a great tool for communicating with friends and loved ones. You can spice up your conversation by adding an emoticon to. MSN/Windows Live Messenger aspx , Getting started. MSN Messenger is a very popular instant messenger. However, there are many problems that make users inconvenient. One of the. We listed all official MSN Messenger emoticons here. So these are included in the retail version of MSN. Confused:s; Emoticon: Disappointed Disappointed. A list of emoticon shortcuts supported by Microsoft Live Messenger. (C), Coffee Cup. (co), Computer.: S, Confused (mo), Money. (m), MSN Messenger. It's rare for Microsoft products to invoke a pleasant sense of nostalgia, but MSN Messenger is a piece of software that does. The instant. (party) Emote: worried:S Emote: mm (mm) Emote: nerd 8| Emote: lips sealed:x. Emote: hi (hi) (wtf). The official Skype emoticons, can be used on Skype Instant Messenger. . The MSN emoticons can be used in Windows Live Messenger. Winks (giant animated emoticons that annoyingly took up your screen) are MSN Messenger is rebranded "Windows Live Messenger.". Messenger Reviver 2 is a patch that allows you to keep using Windows Live Messenger without being forced to It's got brand spanking new emoticons and all!.

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