N64 psp go emulator

This is the list of the Nintendo 64 games that are compatible with the N64 Emulator on the PSP. This list deals with the current version of DaedalusX Beta 2. DaedalusX DaedalusX64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator for Linux and PSP, with plans to port to Windows, Mac, PS Vita among other platforms. The PSP port is. DaedalusX64 R emulator download for PSP only at pethydro.org DaedalusX64 R is a Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator by StrmnNrmn that plays. I just bought a PSP from ebay and I'm just wondering how the emulation for n64 games are. (speed, audio, etc) I'm planning on playing. Considering that much of the homebrew community didn't think there'd ever be a working N64 emulator for PSP, this one is interesting. It is a. N64 emulators are a massive undertaking to make - as evidenced by . In all honesty, perfect SM64 Rom hack compatibility on PSP would be. N64 Emulators for PSP. DaedalusX Download: DaedalusX64 [Beta R] ( Unsigned & Signed Versions).7z. Size: 43M Version: R Homepage. Nintendo 64 (N64): DaedalusX64; Sony Playstation (PS1, PSX): integrated on the Thanks go to Dragon Chan for his “PSP emulators Bible” (and to kakarotto .