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Making extensive use of DirectX 11 and cutting-edge technologies, Battlefield 3 looks sublime. Supporting players, gigantic maps, aerial combat and everything that today’s gamers expect, Battlefield 3 is destined to be the year’s most popular and most played game. Windows Vista/7 fixes apply to Battlefield 3. New in GeForce R Drivers Product Support Added support for the GeForce GTX Nvidia has announced a new set of drivers for GeForce card users who want to get the best possible performance in the upcoming Battlefield 3. Located here, the new GeForce beta drivers are being released just one day prior to EA's launch of the Battlefield 3 beta for pre-order. The new GeForce BETA drivers are said to increase performance of Battlefield 3 beta by up to 38%, add SLI profiles for the game, and add. The Battlefield 3 beta will begin tomorrow for pre-order customers and Medal of Honor owners, and on the 29th for everyone else. If you’re unsure if your graphics card can run the Battlefield 3 beta adequately be sure to try out NVIDIA’s one-click GPU Analyzer. The beta. Today we released new GeForce R WHQL-certified drivers just in time to play Battlefield 3. Download GeForce drivers from. Driver Release Increases performance in Battlefield 3 by up to GeForce driver on GeForce GTX at x (DX11). •Fixes instances of texture corruption/artifacts in Battlefield 3 when http://www. pethydro.org

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