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Bob gives the food truck business a try. Bob's Burgers (–) . Oil Spill ( uncredited) Written by Loren Bouchard, Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin and Wendy. Bob's Burgers (OST) (Loren Bouchard & John Dylan Keith) Oil Spill lyrics: Oh, it's hot and wet and slick / And it's making everybody sick / Oil sp. Oil Spill Lyrics: Oh, it's hot and wet and slick / And it's making everybody sick / Oil spill / It's on the fish, The Bob's Burgers Music Album () Bob's Burgers. 2. oh it's hot and wet and slick/ and it's making everybody sick . Oil spill Life long Tori fan, years long Bob's Burger's fan, and ashamed to. In the early days of “Bob's Burgers,” musical moments were limited to .. “She sings that song about oil spills but you know she's talking about. Tori Amos-analog Tabitha Johansson sings a song called “Oil Spill” about less memorable than another Bob's Burgers Thanksgiving song. "Food Truckin'" is the fifth episode of the second season of the animated comedy series Bob's Burgers and the overall 18th episode, Featured music, John Dylan Keith Loren Bouchard. Editing by, Mark Seymour. Production code, 2ASA Tabitha Johansson is a singer/songwriter who headlines the concert part of the Lolla-pa-foods-a food festival in Food Truckin'. She performs the song "Oil Spill" and though its lyrics appear to be about an actual oil spill, from her performance it's fairly obvious that she is. The songs of the animated show Bob's Burgers are little jewels of character Oil spill!" gushes the sexy pianist Tabitha Johansson (voiced by.

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