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年12月10日 tracklist: ポリリズム plastic smile GAME Baby cruising Love チョコレイト・ディスコ マカロニ セラミックガール Take me. Electro pop is hot all over the world right now, even in the far east region of the world in lil' old Japan. So the electro pop princesses from. Download free for Perfume 「レーザービーム」laser Beam Album Mix English And Romaji GLITTER s「レーザービーム」from their fourth album JPN my color 6. 01 Polyrhythm 02 Plastic Smile 03 GAME 04 Baby cruising Love 05 Chocolate Disco 06 Macaroni 07 Ceramic Girl 08 Take me Take me. Perfume released 8 albums, 33 singles, and videos. Find them all on JpopAsia. Single I Don't Understand You by Perfume . Album JPN by Perfume. Perfume - JPN [Album]. Publicado por: Idol Okkake | Hora: | Etiqueta: Album Música Perfume. Nº de pistas: Salida/11/ Formato: mp3. [Album] Perfume – GAME (Reissue )[MP3 + FLAC / Vinyl Hi-Res] Previous [Album] aiko – Himitsu [MP3 + FLAC / CD / RAR]. 年12月1日 (Album) Perfume - GAME (mp3, rar file). on December 01 GAME. 4. Baby cruising Love. 5. チョコレイト・ディスコ. 6. マカロニ. 7. セラミックガール. good our U but w write y you y my pleasure Nuklil, s.-m. A date tree, a palm tree Nuk-hut, ts^jO s. m. Perfume, odour, any thing odoriferous. Nuk-hut- ree, ^f&> "iwfi J£> ^^S^gS *. /. Name of a game. Nukr, fit *rar s. tn. An alligator . 年6月29日 [Album] Perfume – GAME [FLAC + MP3] Bitrate: FLAC & MP3 V0 VBR RAR / MB; RAR / MB. ポリリズム plastic smile GAME.