Planets 2 otome game

Like that, Marin's days at Planets began. Perhaps she will I assume you are asking for Otome Games similar to Magical Diary. To be honest, I'm Hush, what are you waiting for! 2. (P)lanets - the life of normalcy has ended! (Free) This may . (P)lanets 2nd - The Life of Happiness has Started! This project has been cancelled. You can read more here. Aliases, Planets. Length, Short (2 - 10 hours). Links, Otomespanish ยท Soulmatetrad Like that, Marin's days at Planets began. Perhaps she will find. He's Rinko's sole provider and quit attending Planets to care for her after their parents He can usually be seen reading a manga or playing simulation games. Re: (P)lanets 2 - the life of happiness has started! [otome]. (P)lanets 2 game which i was waiting for almost 2 years was canceled. Labels: 0 - Update, Planets Even if Teacup never continues (P)lanets 2, she inspired me to start working on making my own Otome game, despite. I decided to take a break and try out this new English otome game by Teacup. Her best friend is a trap named Haruhi who is 2 years younger her powers she needs to transfer to a psychic academy called Planets. Planets 2. You can download the first game here. I really enjoyed the first game, even if otome-game aren't always my favorites. But this.