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Class: Tk::BWidget::ComboBox - Ruby Tk::BWidget::ProgressBar · Tk:: BWidget::ProgressDlg · Tk::BWidget::ScrollView · Tk::BWidget::ScrollableFrame. Ruby/TK ProgressBar Widget - Learn Ruby in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Overview, Environment. Hello, I am trying to do a progress bar via the Tk BWidgets thing and the ( otherwise extremely helpful) tutorialspoint ruby examples require. It is a threading problem. This code should work. Tested on Win7, Ruby require 'tk' root = { title 'Progressbar Demo' }. 年3月1日 require 'tk'. root = { title 'Progressbar Demo' }. progress = Tk::Tile::,.:mode=>'determinate'. Anyone know how to change the color of the Tk progress bar? Everything I try just ends up with: /usr/lib/ruby// `__invoke'. More Widgets: Part of a Modern Tk Tutorial for Tcl, Ruby, Python and Perl. several more widgets: listbox, scrollbar, text, progressbar, scale and spinbox. Class: Tk::Tile::Progressbar - Ruby In Files. tk/lib/tkextlib/tile/ Parent. TkWindow. Methodsstyle; #start; #step; #stop. Included Modules. At the time of this writing, Ruby/GTK is at version and is compatible with the of the GTK+ widgets include menus, toolbars, tooltips, trees, progress bars, sliders, Here is a code fragment similar to the one for Tk that displays the current.