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My part in this was to take the DarkPlaces engine used in QI4A and many other Quake implementations and wrap it in the OVR Mobile SDK and make some. QI4A - Darkplaces (Quake 1) - the game is released on the excellent modern engine called DarkPlaces. Now it will look more colorful and high-tech: a graphical. QuakeDroid Development Thread @ Func_Msgboard The only Android port I' ve played is QI4A which is based on Darkplaces, so it has. Based on QI4A & Darkplaces. Lets you play Quake1 based poVoq / Quake Android-Port-QI4A Invasion mod for Quake 1 and the DarkPlaces engine. Android source port of Quake I. quake android qi4a darkplaces · 2 commits · 1 branch · 0 releases · Fetching contributors · GPL · Java %. Java. Branch . I've ported some Id games to Android and now it is Quake 1 (Darkplaces engine). It works even on devices with Android and supports. Description of QI4A - Quake. QI4A - Quake 1 port on a magnificent modern cursor of DarkPlaces. Now game looks more beautifully and technologically: the set. QI4A (source port of quake 1) - *** This is the first and original port of Darkplaces Quake 1 to Android, while commercial forks are NOT, don't pay for a free GPL. Download free Android game QI4A - Darkplaces apk. Find the best games QI4A - port Quake 1 on a magnificent modern engine DarkPlaces. Now the game .

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