Rapid fire mouse macro s

Also rapid-fire macros to shot in auto the non-auto I've seen many players on YouTube use macro buttons on keyboard/mouse software for jumping from. i just want to know cuz all i know is the AHK is illegal and the mouse that support macros are legal. Apr 29, @ pm. WARNING - QUIT USING the 50 ms Rapid Fire Mouse Macro. Because that is called cheating, not skill. And you are. they have said a few times macros are not allowed and you can be have been using single keybind macros (Mouse button corresponds to 8. Make Mouse Macro for Rapid Fire Legal. If you have to report 3 people that's more than 1 hour just reporting 3 players, and that's if you are. simple repeating macro for the left mouse button (rapid fire macro) I came across this when I was trying to create a flight profile in Arma 3. AUTOCLICK (RAPID FIRE) MACRO - All Points Bulletin Hacks and Cheats Forum. Level up: 6%, 1, Points needed Whenever you hold Left Mouse Button it will shoot with your set delay and mouse button hold.

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