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Renaming a zpool is not as intuitive as I would expect, but it is still pretty simple. We accomplish this through a three step process, export the. You can use the zfs snapshot command to create a snapshot, which takes as its only argument the name of the snapshot that you want to create. In the example. Other than export/import, is there a cleaner way to rename a pool without unmounting de FS? Something like, say "zpool rename a b"? Old While messing around with ZFS last weekend, I noticed that I made a typo when I created one of my pools. Instead of naming a pool “apps,” I. Howto rename a Zpool and a ZFS mountpoint I accidentially named a pool tets rather than test. So I renamed it. $ zpool status -v pool: tets state. ZFS will not allow the system to have 2 pools with the same name. Therefore we have to rename one of the pool to some other name. There are 2 scenarios. Few days back I came to know on "How to rename zpool" One of my UNIX Guru All right, so here I am creating a zpool named “oracle-db-zp00” . Solaris 9 to Solaris 10 & migrate ZFS · Solaris ZFS Administration Guide. File systems can be renamed by using the zfs rename command. With the rename subcommand, you can perform the following operations: Change the name of. ZFS file systems can be created and destroyed by using the zfs create and zfs destroy commands. ZFS file systems can be renamed by using the zfs rename. It is quite simple to rename a ZFS pool, however there is no such command as zpool rename (which would ZFS released in Solaris 10 06/

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