Resident evil 6 problem

Hi, I just got RE6 for PC yesterday. So i install & extract everything, but after i create a desktop shortcut and run it the game says: - System Error. Blending action and survival horror, Resident Evil 6 promises to be the dramatic horror experience of List of workarounds to fix different errors, crashes, freezes, save issues and fps performance problems with Resident Evil 6 PC version. I saw the Xbox part and deicided to this should go here lol Anyways, I'm having a severe issue with Resident Evil 6. You see, my xbox is being dumb and not. Same Problem here. Let the game load for one hour just to see if the black screen changed and I just god the RE6 cursor instead of the Windows 7 loading circle. UPDATE: An amended version of Resident Evil 6's day-one patch will go If you' ve had a problem downloading Resident Evil 6, please delete. [Compensated] Resident Evil 6: Steam Online Event "Imprisoned 18" suspended. Due to an error in processing the scores for the "Rail Yard Dominator 6". HELP!!! I have just been playing RE6 for the last hour or so, the section with Leon where you have to invesitgate the underground last. Guys if anyone is concern about this please kindly help me how to resolve this problem. It started few months ago when i start to buy this game.

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