Reverting back to older ios app s

it is not possible to revert the app version. you should upload the previous version as link. thanks it to be quiescent in your store until you choose to fall back, and you publish it. I need the option of rolling back/downgrade apps, because newer versions of apps may have insufficiencies I hadn't in the previous versions. Delete the app from your iPhone. 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes. 3. Do not update your apps in iTunes. Back up and sync your. Here's how to roll your iOS apps back to an older version when things go wrong. Apple always stops allowing people to downgrade a few weeks after a newer. Here's a quick reminder of how to back up your iOS apps before the an app that keeps crashing your device, you can still revert to the old. To download older version of app again because you're not able to run the most recent one:Go to the App When you get there, it should show your Apple account and it will say My Purchases. Press that and it will show you all of your apps. 4 ways to downgrade and reinstall an older version of an app on iPhone or Apple, in all its wisdom, changed how iOS apps are backed up and updated. Here are four ways that you can try to downgrade back to a previous. Do you want to go back to the older version of an app on the iPhone or iPad because the update is buggy? Here's how you can re-install previous versions of . If you've recently updated to a new release of the iPhone Operating System (iOS) but prefer the older version, you can revert once your phone is connected to.