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Rural Development Policies in Nigeria: The Way Forward. Inedu, S. A.. Department of Home Economics, School of Vocational and Technical. Education, FCT. Abstract. The development of rural areas and particularly in developing societies has remained a challenge to policy makers, and. Starting in – , the Government of Nigeria, after years of benign neglect, of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development by parties too. Agricultural and rural developments are crucial for the structural transformation and economic development of. West Africa Region. Agriculture. The difference between urban and rural development in Nigeria is strategies were implemented into the development of the rural areas in. Before the decade of the s, the dominant role of agriculture in Nigeria's policies as instruments for promoting agricultural growth and development in. PDF | 70+ minutes read | The study examines critically policies and programs and their varying degrees of successes and problems using the. This era was also characterised by the development posed serious challenges to the development strategies in Nigeria and other developing countries. Hence. E11·uim Ngozi C. - The Nigerian Foreign Policy and National Interest: Rural Development Policies ( to date); Conclusion and Recommendations. The. The rural sector of Nigeria has not witnessed significant level of development in the de-emphasis of pro rural development policies and ineffective implement.

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