Samba virus scanner ubuntu

These viruses can still be spread, especially if you have a Samba Suffice it to say if you're in need of a good virus scanner on Linux and don't. Client machines are a mix of mostly Ubuntu and , and Windows XP. In the past, they've had problems with virus-infected USB sticks. Hello, I'm wondering what the best product would be to get an anti-virus that will run a daemon and scan the files in the shares only in real time. Install one of the many available anti-virus tools for Linux: ClamAV, Avast, BitDefender, for example will do just fine and scan the shared files in. This is a set of various Samba VFS modules to scan and filter virus files on Samba file services with an anti-virus scanner. This module is stackable. It also supports email scanning feature with additional anti-virus protection It works with Ubuntu and other Linux distros bit and bit software architecture. Install ClamAV on Ubuntu , and scan for viruses. The virus, Trojan, and malware scanner features strong heuristics-based is compatible with a range of distros, including Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Fedora, Releases include iterations for Samba (Solaris, Linux, and FreeBSD), as well as . I also think Anti-virus is not really required on a Linux server, although it is I use ClamAV on my (samba) fileserver and (squid) proxy servers. There arent many viruses made for Linux distributions and as such, most people who use such systems dont ever bother using an antivirus.