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You are filling a rectangle of definite size (x) using SetPixel (that is in a very inefficient way), if your window is bigger that such size. SetPixel() is a function that simply sets a pixel with the user-defined color. For Windows users, pixel operation can be easily done with C/C++. Im using Dev-C++. Its possible that my windows.h is corrupt. ive had several linking problems like this. I noticed that I do not have Gdilib in. According to Windows Documentation;. The SetPixel function sets the pixel at the specified coordinates to the specified color. And the. what Im trying to do is to draw a entire screen (or a window) with pixels and than a SetPixel(hdc,i,j,COLOR) to draw the pixels. but this takes a. Using the WinBGIm Graphics Library with Dev-C++ The command to do so from Dev-C++ is Alt-P. Choose the Parameters tab from the pop-up window and. BitMap SetPixel - Hi I was wondering if there was a better way of setting pixels other than the bitmap class. It has the annoying habit. I did try using SetPixel() which came with some Windows library, but it the screen but it crashed my compiler (Bloodshed Dev C++ 5 beta). Microsoft Build Learn DevOps for Windows, Building C++. Copy. COLORREF SetPixel(HDC hdc, int x, int y, COLORREF color);.

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