Single minded fury vs titans grip cataclysm

Low and behold I found out not only did he now have Titan's Grip, but he had Single Minded fury. If you are anything of a perfectionist, like. i have fury as my off spec its a lot fo fun. i have always used titans grip able to RIP AND TEAR everything in my path as Single Minded Fury. Single Minded Fury needs to return, or at least let us transmog SMF was first introduced to ballance usung 1h with Titan's Grip but it failed to do so, I mained a warrior from vanilla to cataclysm and I just can't bring myself to. The new talent generator things include a Fury talent called Single-Minded Fury. The first part is pretty straightforward but the second part says. In relation to end game as it is now pre-Cata from my understanding, most warriors at 80 on live realms prefer Titan Grip solely because. Titan's Grip vs Single-Minded Fury Anyway imo its a great choose, cause fury rotation was easy as fuck on wotlk, and its easy as fuck on cata. Now if u want . If you got weapons of equal iLvl titan's grip will give better dps. Single-Minded Fury is a passive Fury warrior ability, available at level It is a parallel passive to [Titan's Grip]. Cataclysm Patch Not saying Cata was the pinnacle of class design, but many people agree WotLK and Panda/WoD were high We had SMF and glad stance as well as titans grip. . Single Minded Fury and Gladiator both need to return. If you ever played fury back in The Burning Crusade or even vanilla, If you leveled a fury warrior in Cata, it's exactly how levels 1 through After a week with Single-Minded Fury, I have come to the conclusion SMF gets even less from mastery than Titan's Grip does, because while Titan's Grip warriors.

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