Open and select from CLEO folder.">

Skin.img gta san andreas

CLEO for GTA San Andreas - Skin Selector v with auto-installer free download . -Add new skins using the IMG Tool 2 in CLEO/ manual. If you changed default San Andreas buttons use Secondary Fire + Next weapon + Run Alci's IMG Editor, File>Open and select from CLEO folder. GTA San Andreas Skin Selector V Mod was downloaded times and it has of 10 points so far. Download it now for GTA San. if it crashes when trying to change skin check if that line "IMG CLEO\" in your if it's not add it. and also you must know that skin. Copy "" to "GTA San Andreas\data\" or add a line "IMG CLEO\" to "GTA San Andreas\data\". Add additional skins to. Description: This is a mega skin pack that contains around To use the skins, install the Skin Selector first, than replace with one. Skin Selector v for GTA San Andreas miniature 1 skin (the skin should be *. txd and *.dff), you should either put it with IMG Tool in the file CLEO\