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Listen online to South African music and get free MP3 downloads to get to know music from South Africa ranging from Gospel to Drummers and Kids to Struggle. Music. Until quite recently, there were two totally different music scenes in South Africa. One was the music of the whites, which had its roots in European music. The South African music scene includes both popular (jive) and folk forms like Zulu .. Many consider it South Africa's unique implementation of hip hop. House music has come to define the South African sound, including kwaito and now gqom. Our list of the best South African songs of the month includes new singles that dropped in August alongside those that were highlighted by. There's never a lousy year in South African music. .. On her latest single, Nonku Phiri's still singing over electronic production effortlessly. South Africa had an entertaining year in , with some of the best music from various artists across the country. Here are 10 popular South. anthem of a democratic South Africa. Since early colonial times, South African music has evolved out of the blending of local ideas and forms with those.