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Swatches can include spot or process colors, mixed inks (process colors mixed with one or more spot colors), RGB or Lab. I changed the type from Spot to Process, but it won't let me make it CMYK. Is there a way to tell InDesign to ALWAYS separate Pantone colors. The “spot” icon in the swatches panel indicates that items that are assigned Be sure to either create your process colors in InDesign and add. Spot color or Pantone swatch colors can be applied to objects via the Pantone Swatch Color Book For Adobe InDesign, Spot Colors are more easily accessed . You can designate colors as either spot or process color types, which correspond to . The InDesign equivalents to global colors are swatches. 1. How to set up spot (PANTONE) color in InDesign. 1. Open the "Window" menu and choose "Swatches" to bring up the Swatches panel if it isn't already visible. Understanding the differences between spot colors and process colors Find Pantone swatches in InDesign by going to the Swatches palette. To use spot colors in an Adobe InDesign document, you must set them up so you the Swatches panel and select "New Color Swatch" to open the dialogue box.

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