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Indonesia calls off search for quake, tsunami victims process of the victims [ those who died] will be stopped on Thursday, October ". And in India, word of the disaster went to the wrong official. Revisiting the Indonesian Tsunami 18 photos . waves came ashore in the historic Indonesian port town of Calang only nine minutes after the earth stopped shaking. BANGKOK — Indonesian officials said Saturday that nearly people had been killed in a strong earthquake and a tsunami on the central. Death Toll Rises Sharply After Indonesia's Earthquake, Tsunami . networks and other communications systems before word could get out to the Opinion | Despite the Mueller Report, Some Lawmakers Don't Stop Believing. Tsunamis involve intense forces and overwhelming volumes of water. Why Indonesia's 'volcano tsunami' gave little to no warning. Tsunamis. Editorial: The terrible toll in Sulawesi has underscored Indonesia's vulnerability to natural disasters. Making sure people understand how to. The Anak Krakatau volcano may have triggered Saturday's tsunami that killed Indonesia tsunamis In other words, it's been part of the background. An official says the government must answer for its failure to prevent the.

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