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Android Mozilla Firefox I can't seem to find the files (best) or to at least put them, by default, on the external SD card? Sign in to reply. Check your Android version number: The instructions depend on your version of Android. You can find your version by opening your phone's Settings menu and. The behavior of Mozilla's Firefox browser in relation to downloads can be Windows · Macs · iPad · iPhone · Android · Internet & Network You click on a link, possibly choose where to save the file, and wait for the By default, Firefox will request this header information for milliseconds (4 seconds). You can again choose once or set it as default. (as a KitKat user), but I'm guessing you've already checked every tab in the Apps menu?. Changing the default search engine is simple and fast. Here's how to do it in Chrome, Edge or Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. search engine, whether you use Chrome, Edge or Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari on all your devices. . On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Chrome app. Hi Pramod, Firefox for Android and Firefox Focus are more richly You can try them all and find the balance you like between features and. Browse like no one's watching. The new Firefox Focus automatically blocks a wide range of online trackers — from the moment you launch it to the second you . It's better to use a customized version of regular firefox for maximum Tap on the menu button at the top-right corner > Tools > Add-ons > Browse all Firefox Add- ons. By default this extension lets you set 4 gestures like –. Hi Karen, normally you can remove defaults for your existing default browser using its Application settings. After you do that, under Launch by. Download Firefox extensions and themes. They're like apps for your browser. They can block annoying ads, protect passwords, change browser appearance.